Einstein Platform Services

Einstein's deep learning APIs enable you to build AI-powered apps using Einstein Language and Einstein Vision.

Einstein language Einstein vision

einstein language
Einstein Language

Leverage the power of natural language processing to analyze intention and sentiment to better understand your customer's needs.

Einstein Intent

Discover the intended meaning in a body of text.

Einstein Sentiment

Classify unstructured text as positive, negative, or neutral sentiment.

einstein vision
Einstein Vision

Harness the power of image recognition to solve an array of use-cases using pre-trained classifiers or custom models.

Einstein Object Detection

Identify, count, and get x/y coordinates of multiple objects in an image.

Einstein Image Classification

Create and teach a model to find patterns and objects in images.

General Classifier

Detect the presence of a single object in a given image.

Scene Classifier

Analyze an image for a specific type of scene.

Food Classifier

Identify different kinds of foods in a given image.

Multi-label Classifier

Detect the presence of multiple items in a given image.